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Put ON Jesus

Skit Guys – The Parachute Two men are seated in a plane. A stewardess gives the first man a parachute and instructs him to put it on because it will “improve his flight.” Not understanding how a parachute could possibly improve his flight, the first passenger is a little skeptical. Finally he decides to see […]

Mysteries About Heaven

Perry Stone Reveals Mysteries About Heaven | Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!

Becoming Aware

Aware Of God’s answers for everyone (Bible) Of God’s promises of love for us Of the opportunity God has given us Of the truth that God has for us Of the forgiveness that Jesus Christ paid for us Of the peace, joy, love and security that God has provided for us Of the power that […]



Hear God’s Love

Shawn Bolz Teaches How to Hear God’s Voice Clearly | Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!


Change… Many do not like change. We like to be comfortable, but change is part of life. We need to be motivated to change willingly. Pain motivates us to change. Pleasure motivates us to change. We must feel a big enough “ouch” in order to be motivated enough to change. We need wisdom to direct […]

Our Enemy

We all have a common enemy. We are not fighting people in a battle of flesh and blood. We are fighting a spiritual enemy who seeks to dominate and destroy us. Satan does not have the same power of God –he only wishes he had it. Satan is the fallen angel Lucifer. Satan teams up […]


Because we all have been given a free will, by God, we can choose our focus. Our focus has TWO CHOICES. We can focus on the Carnal part of us (our fives senses of: taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell) OR We can focus on the Spiritual part of us. To be carnally dominated and […]

Secret To Life…

We need someone to save us from our destructive ways. We need someone to restore us back into a relationship with our Creator. Jesus Christ said that He was “life” and the way back to God. Jesus said that no one can come to God the Father except through Him. Could Jesus be right? Many […]

Your Friend

Your Friend… He is often misunderstood and misrepresented. He is the greatest friend you could ever have. He created you and knows everything about you. His name is God. God is three persons in one; The Father, The Son–Jesus, and God the Holy Spirit. God is love and He loves us. God waits and wants […]